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Ever wondered what's going on in the "complicated" minds of women when it comes to dating? Or why men move the way that they do? Join me, Taylor McCarley, every Tuesday as I try to see sumn' by picking the brains of featured guests to understand why there tends to be a disconnect in communication, dating, relationships, and everything in between.


Julia, Carlos, and Constantine
Ep. 01 | Communication is Key Pt. 1
I'm joined by Julia, Carlos, and Constantine to discuss the different communication styles of men and women, communication when arguing, and which gender is most likely to take accountability.
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Julia, Carlos, and Constantine
Ep. 02 | Communication is Key Pt. 2
Effective communication can make dating a lot less complicated, right? Julia, Carlos, and Constantine are back, and we discuss the popular phrases of “I’m not looking for a relationship” and “going with the flow”. We also get into why we think people decide to ghost one another instead of communicating.
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Ep. 03 | It's Not Negotiable
Danielle joins me to talk about red flags, green flags, deal breakers, and how to stay firm in your non- negotiables when dating.
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Ep. 04 | The Clock is Ticking
Timing is an important aspect in all of our lives. However, it’s important to remember, that everyone’s clock looks different. Roy and I discuss the importance of communicating where you are in life with your partner, so that everyone can try to be on the same page when it comes to timing.
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Ep. 05 | Be Yourself
Identity is so important! How can you get into a relationship and you don’t know who you are? Or what do you do when you feel like you are losing yourself in a relationship? Why do people struggle with being alone? In this episode, Pandora and I discuss this and a lot more.
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Ep. 06 | Dating is Complicated
What makes dating complicated? Could it be social media? Communication? Having sex too early? Hidden agendas? Men liking a chase or challenge? Women playing hard to get? Falling for a person's potential? Tune in to hear Jordan and I discuss what's really going on.
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Ep. 07 | The Impact of Social Media
Social media is definitely having an impact on dating in this generation. The ease of access and comparisons are one thing, but it definitely goes a lot deeper than that. Julia and I discuss why people that are in relationships are still on dating apps, how Instagram can subconsciously have an impact on your relationship, and if you should be more conscious of what you post when you are in a relationship.
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Ep. 08 | The Involvement of Friends and Family
When it comes to relationships, we’ve all experienced the involvement or over involvement of friends and family. The input of their thoughts and opinions varies with each person. In this episode Janee and I discuss having best friends of the opposite sex, what to do if you’re not a fan of your partner’s friends, the importance of actually being best friends with your partner, and a lot more.
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Ep. 09 | Guard your Heart
Vulnerability is something that many people struggle with. Allowing and trusting people to fully know you can be scary, but it’s 100% necessary for successful relationships. On this episode, Constantine and I discuss why people struggle with being vulnerable, how your childhood impacts your dating life as an adult, why showing and communicating emotions and feelings looks different between men and women, and a lot more.
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Jordan and Chris
Ep. 10 | Cheating 101
Jordan and Chris join me to share their opinions on what is considered cheating, if cheating can be a mistake, physical cheating vs emotional cheating, and how being cheated on impacts a man’s ego.
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Ep. 11 | Breakup Bounce Back
Breakups can be tough, luckily there’s always other fish in the sea. Don't trip on your ex. Move on, glow up, and upgrade. On the season finale, David and I discuss how to navigate life post-breakup.
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Wise Words

"Arguments never lead to anything positive. It more so exacerbates whatever issues you guys are experiencing."

- Constantine

" Sometimes, things have to feel like a chore to you in order to become a habit, to make the relationship better."

- Julia

" Whatever someone is doing in front of your face about someone else, they're going to end up doing to you, behind your back to someone else. "

- Danielle

" Red flags are something that you have to keep in mind because they have a tendency to show back up at pretty important moments."

- Jordan

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